my plant

1 – My plant is proud, it’s a survivor
It’s tender and fragrant, just the right amount of stickiness
Its resin lights me up, with buckshot it kills me
It’s bulbous and teasing, it’s an angry pagan

My plant is two thousand years old, My plant
is a survivor.
She’s my blessing, I made her my religion

2 – She is for me the promise of a future filled with caresses
An alternative to our species, a hand extended to youth
I saw her soar into the sky, and I with her kiss the sun
Aaah…. Aaah

3 – We hunt her down, we think she’s demonic
We accuse her and that amuses her
But she’s just a weed loose in the metropolis
A cure for insomniacs, a cure for the cantankerous

4 – She seems to be indestructible, the world deems her inadmissible
She is a libertine, with anyone she gets along.
It’s a real female my plant
A real rebel my plant,
It’s a survivor, a survivor, a survivor.

Hey hey Roll up
Ok Skin up
Hey hey Roll up
Ok Skin up

Lead vocals: Billy Ze Kick / Backing vocals: Joni Bob, Bidou, Mary-Peels and Mary-Pop / Sampler and programming: M. Bing / Flute, violins: Billy Ze Kick
Design: Nicoby