About Us

Welcome to the electrifying world of Billy Ze Kick – a musical journey that echoes the soulful beats and vibrant rhythms that make your heart dance. In the spotlight once again with her latest album, “Artémis Révélation,” Billy Ze Kick is a name synonymous with musical brilliance.

Embracing a New Era

Stepping onto the stage anew, Billy Ze Kick has embraced a solo adventure, accompanied by her trusty sampler. Her performances now showcase the tracks from her latest album, including the enchanting “Super Filles,” the mystical “Merlin et Morgane,” and the powerful “Le roi est mort.” Alongside these fresh tunes, she brings back the timeless classics from her iconic first album – “Mangez-moi,” “OCB,” “Jean Mich Much,” and more.

Reviving the Dance Floor

Billy Ze Kick’s music has an innate ability to set the dance floor alive with pulsating energy. The beats reverberate through the crowd, infusing everyone with an irresistible desire to move and groove. It’s an experience that transcends mere music – it’s a journey of the spirit and an invitation to let loose, smile, and let the melodies carry you away.

Join the Musical Adventure

Join us on this exhilarating musical adventure with Billy Ze Kick. Explore the enchanting sounds, the infectious beats, and the soulful lyrics that will captivate your senses. Feel the music, experience the joy, and let the rhythm guide your soul. Billy Ze Kick is not just an artist; she’s a maestro weaving a magical tapestry of music that’s bound to leave you mesmerized.

So, come along and let Billy Ze Kick’s melodies be the soundtrack to your journey. Let’s dance, celebrate, and immerse ourselves in the beauty of music. Together, let’s make every note a memory and every beat a moment to remember. Welcome to the world of rock music – where music comes alive!