The revenge of the lazy

1 – Doing nothing is an art that I develop every day
From small sums in small naps I softly attain wisdom
From business to business you are going to give us an ulcer
Tiny already when I was at school
Snuggled up well in the warm against the radiator
I saw you sitting in the front row
Trembling, shivering and scratching
Sometimes a little glance over your shoulder
Just to not take me back to jail
Already our destinies were all drawn

If the sky is gray, I stay in bed
If the sky is blue, I stay in the bed …
I am the master idler he is the master idler

2 – When later your first job you started
For the first time at the Assedics I clocked
in And hitchhiking on the roads I was going
From overtime to overtime you were gaining ground
From allocs to allocs tourism has made I’m a champion
You get the kicks, I get the sunburn When
it comes to working, you’re second to none
The work suits you so well
The gland is excellent for my complexion

…here terminal bouineuse…ok rogeuse it’s a bouineuse

3 – Let’s be zen let’s have a cosmic vision
I reduce your stressful emanations
Do I complain when very early in the morning
To prepare you you run a bath
I’m so traumatized
That to go back to sleep I need a another joint
And I’m thinking of you and I’m thinking of you (repeat)
To you stuck in traffic
Stressed to the core screaming at the toll

… I’m an over-bouineur… yes it’s a never taffeur

4 – At the hospital one day we met
Me all tanned, you ravaged
To heal your heart you had come
To vaccinate my feet I had moved
We looked at each other
We recognized each other
You cried, I cried compassion
Everything was said … I did not insist (ter)

Lead vocals: Billy Ze Kick / Backing vocals: Joni Bob, Bidou, Mary-Peels and Mary-Pop / Sampler and programming: M. Bing / Organ: Fredédéric Hamon
Design: Nicoby