What You Should Know about Billy Ze Kick

What You Should Know about Billy Ze Kick
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Billy Ze Kick is a french musical band from Marseille that had a hit song called La vie en rose back in 2017. The video was so successful that it went viral (with over 35 million views) and they became famous overnight.

In France, rap music has always been popular, especially among young people. However, they didn’t start to get mainstream attention until the release of their last album in 2015 titled Le grand retour. This album achieved numerous hits such as Maman Qui s’en fout or Chérie et chéri.

It’s important to note that French people have always valued elegance and culture, so this new kind of music fits perfectly into the cultural climate of our country. Moreover, French rappers often sing about topics related to the French language and history. They also tend to focus on social issues and politics. All these elements combine with their unique style of singing to create something truly special. Here is what you need to know about the band.

The Band is French.

The whole band has french members. Their name comes from an old french expression meaning “life is like a rose” which means everything going well for you. It’s a good luck charm.

Their Music is Hip Hop.                                                                                                What You Should Know about Billy Ze Kick

Hip-hop is just another word for rapping. In reality, many hip-hop artists are singers who write songs that other rappers can freestyle over or even record them performing live. Rapper Lil Wayne is one of the most famous hip-hop artists out there. He not only made his music but also makes a lot of money consulting other artists. French hip-hop emerged around the same time when American hip-hop did. Over time, it developed its very own sound helped by DJ K7, Booba, IAMNUL & Youssou N’dour. Today, hip-hop is arguably the biggest genre in modern French music. Artists like Offshore, S4L or Bigflo & Orelsan are some examples of talented French hip-hop artists.

They Are Popular Among Teenagers.

There are lots of teenagers listening to the music of Billy Ze Kick. The band has become popular with teenagers because of their success. Most of their fans are between 13 and 18 years old.

They Have Lots Of Fans On Social Media.

One way to check if someone is popular is by checking how many followers they have on Twitter or Instagram. Millions of teenagers follow Billy Ze kick on Instagram alone. And they’re not the only ones: Drake, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Nicki Minaj and Rihanna are all following them too!

They Are Very Successful.

Even though they were already famous before their first single came out, their latest songs have reached #1 spots on various charts around the world. Their song La Vie En Rose is one of the best-selling singles in France since 2013.

Their Style Is Unique.

Billy Ze Kick has a unique style that is hard to find elsewhere. Even though they use similar instruments, they play them differently than any other musician. For instance, instead of using bass drums, they use timbales (like African percussion). Some people think that they are not musicians at all but rather producers. Even though this may be true, they still make up their style.

They’ve Been Influenced By Other Rappers.

For example, Samir Taghmaoui was the main influence behind the track La vie en rose. Another source of inspiration appeared in New York City where they met other rappers. Most notably, they listened to Jadakiss, Nas, Eminem, 50 Cent and Kanye West.

They Were Also Inspired To Make A Name For Themselves.

During school, they wanted to make a name for themselves and started writing lyrics. Later on, while studying literature, they discovered rap and decided to start a band. One day, they realized that they could do both – making music and writing lyrics – and thought why not try? So, now they do both.

The Bottom Line.

Although they are known as “the French Beast” among their fans, Billy Ze Kick is nothing like your typical rap group. They don’t use any instrumentals and they are not a group you would want to mess with. Their lyrics are often violent and explicit. Still, if you want to listen to something different from the usual rap, then these guys are for you. If you are a fan rap music then you should definitely check out online casino games.